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One of our favorite posts so far has been the one where we heard over the scanner that a woman somewhere in Ellis County had called authorities that goats were attacking her car.

From our readers:

DC: Gotta love Ellis County!

NC: That is truly Funny ,, Those EVIL Goats,, Run over them and then you can call them Cabrito!

RF: WOW….attack goats! “Killer Cabrito”…..

JC: send them over to the Palmer fire and we will feast on bar b que goat tonight.

RS: I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there!

JB: Why oh why isn’t there a share button on this post?

MH: Was the woman able to escape unscathed????? :)

GM: Lends a whole new meaning to ‘driving a tin can’…

LH: Now that I just picked myself up off the floor from laughing, hope she is ok! Imagine calling her insurance agent to report this claim! Bahaahahahahaaha

On Wednesday, we had posted about ERCOT’s request that the public decrease its electricity use from 3-7 p.m. due to record loads. Here are some of those comments:

BF: I’m turning off my computer and going home. That should help! Oh, I am at home. Turning it off anyway!!!

KW: Its to hot to go out and do anything and now they want us to reduce our electricity usage……????

BM: When places like malls & bigger stores start cutting back, then they can ask us to.

AM: its everyones citizenly duty. lets not make this something to complain about. we don’t want sick people stuck with no a/c because the systems overloaded. lets be thankful we have the luxury of a/c.

DM: Turn stuff off at your house and go to the mall!

Also on Wednesday, we posed a question to our Facebook fans as to what they thought about some airlines and businesses banning young children. As reported in the media, Malaysia Airlines’ first class is now child-free and a Pittsburgh restaurant has banned children under the age of 6.

We haven’t heard of any business in Ellis County enacting such a ban, but our readers certainly had some thoughts on the subject. Here’s a sampling:

GL: Well, it would be nice to go somewhere with our a screaming kid! I say go for it!

PC: I love kids, but I’ve flown with a few that I wish were banned. Or better yet, ban the parents

KJ: Ban people that act like children. Of course that could include me.

BD: To me that’s descrimination, kids should be allowed places as long as parents are attentive to them. It would be the same as banning a Chinese, African American, Russian, etc. Kids are people to, and it’s the parents job to disipline the child if they’re behavior is out of control.

RS: There are places children don’t belong. Unfortunately, there are parents who don’t understand this concept, nor do they understand the fact that just because you can ignore your child screaming like a maniac and enjoy your dinner, movie, etc doesn’t mean I can.