Sixty-eight percent of dog lovers say they like most dogs more than they like most people, according to a recent survey by The company surveyed more than 700 dog owners nationwide and found some surprising attitudes about love.

• Half of the respondents said that their dogs help them get over breakups and disappointments in relationships.

• Eighty-five percent said that if dogs were allowed in more places, they would take their dog with them everywhere.

• More than half said that if their dog did not like someone they were dating, they would stop seeing that person.

• Nearly 40 percent of single respondents answered “yes” to the following statement: “If I had to choose between never having another boyfriend/girlfriend and never having another dog, I would choose never having another boyfriend/girlfriend.”

• Forty-five percent said that having a dog is preferable to having a child.

• Nearly one in five (18.7 percent) say they would be more upset at the death of their dog than they would be at the death of a boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse.

“The dog has become more than a member of the family,” says Lisa Woody, president of “Dogs are now preferred to people in some circumstances.”

 There may be many reasons for this shifting social trend, says Woody.

“With e-mail, online dating and increasing work-at-home options, it’s easier to become isolated in today’s society,” she points out. “In addition, dogs love us unconditionally, so they place fewer demands on the relationship. It’s sometimes easier to love a dog.”

Whatever the reason, Fido may be the one getting all the gifts, fancy dinners and hugs this Valentine’s Day.