Chris Hogue, a 15-year-old Midlothian High School student, obtained his Eagle Scout ranking on March 31. To fulfill his final project he landscaped the newly renovated sanctuary of Ovilla United Methodist Church, which was built in 1886.

Chris is a history enthusiast, which he said contributed to his selection of the historic sanctuary for his Eagle project. 

“It’s the look of the structure – it’s from 1886 – I like the 1800s. I like that time period in history with such growth, change, conflict and resolution,” he said.

He said he solicited donations for area businesses to fund the $3,000 project and scouts and leaders from his troop assisted with the labor. He is a member of Boy Scout Troop 524 in Ovilla and has been involved in Scouting for nine years.

“I wanted to do (Scouts) because it sounded cool and then I learned my brother did it. I was attracted by a school flyer with shooting BB guns and shooting bows and arrows – that’s Cub Scouts. Then in Boy Scouts you get to shoot rifles and guns,” Chris said, saying he also enjoys dove hunting with his father.

“Most (boys) Eagle out at 18, so I’m a little younger,” he said. “Being an Eagle Scout means you’ve gone through the ranks and completed the requirements for it and shown leadership well enough to become an Eagle Scout.”

Eagle Scout candidates must earn a total of 21 merit badges, serve actively for a period of six months in a Boy Scout Troop, take part in a Scoutmaster conference, successfully complete an Eagle Scout board of review and demonstrate living by the principles of the Scout Oath, according to the Scoutsource website.

Susie Hogan, Chris’ mother, said that when boys hit 18 they are no longer Scouts.

“Chris wants to stay involved in the troop and set an example for the other boys,” she said. “Our oldest son is 35 and when he went into the Navy, he went in one pay grade up because of that Eagle. You just have good young men that come out of that and they are upstanding citizens.”

He said attaining the rank of Eagle Scout is a great accomplishment.

“It looks good on a resume and getting into college,” he said. “It teaches citizenship. It helps you learn to be a better citizen.”

He plans to attend Texas A&M to major in history, then possibly go to law school or become a teacher or professor.

“Chris is a great young man. He is a wonderful leader,” John Nader, youth pastor of Ovilla United Methodist Church, said.

Chris attended the 2010 National Boy Scout Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill, Va., to celebrate 100 years of Scouting. He is the son of Bundy and Susie Hogue.

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