The Ellis County Master Gardener E-Gardening newsletter is a web-based communication designed to address the horticultural needs and interests of gardening enthusiasts and local community residents.

The information is drawn from the Texas AgriLife Cooperative Extension, Master Gardeners, EarthKind and various research-based resources.

Timely landscape tips, educational opportunities, feature articles on plants and trees, a gardening check

list and answers to frequently asked questions are among the topics covered in this monthly publication.

This electronic publication was deemed to be the most cost-effective strategy for imparting information to a wide audience.

It is written in everyday language, providing reliable and accurate information to readers about horticulture, conservation and the best practices as proven by research. Various Ellis County Master Gardeners contribute featured articles, photographs and timely tips each month.

Every month has an article on a particular Herb of the Month written by Arlene Hamilton, the Vegetable of the Month by Robert Shugart, as well as a popular Texas wildflower every month provided by Melinda Kocian. And of course month by month timely tips on what one should be doing in their gardens and landscapes.

A growing number of subscribers receive the E-Garden newsletter free via their emails and countless others access it by going directly to the Master Gardener website: and reading it online or printing it out from there; it is full of beautiful colored pictures.

To assist those without computer access and to promote the electronic publications, copies are made available at the public library and at Master Gardener-sponsored events, such as the Waxahachie Downtown Farmers Market. This event runs every Saturday morning from 8 am through 1 p.m., from late May through the third week in October.

Copies will also be available at the 11th Annual Lawn & Garden Expos. You can also sign up, at the Master Gardener Information booth (in front of the Plant Sales Area) to receive it electronically through your email. ITíS FREE!