Andrew Branca

Fitness quest

Week nine

Well, another week of successful training has come and gone.

I find myself becoming stronger and being able to do many tasks that I was not able to do before. In the past I would have simply given up or gotten help from others around me.

This week, with all of the great weather that we have been having, my trainer Daniel Ortiz threw me for a loop and took me outside to train. Having a different environment helps to keep the mind and the body interested in working out. I can tell you that, for me, that is true on several levels.

Not that I don’t like working out at the Lord’s Gym because it is a great place with a great atmosphere. But being outside allows you to enjoy the fresh air – and the ground with its uneven surface helps to push the body even further. Working out on the treadmill on an even flat surface you forget how much the ground underneath your feet changes.

You can go from a flat surface and the next second you will be doing a hill climb. I tell you that after working out in the park my calf muscles were burning and it was a slow hobble back to the gym. Along with changing the scenery, working out outdoors provides your body with many different challenges that are unseen but felt by the body.

Varying what you do in the workout helps a lot. The reason being is that if you stick with just one routine your body will get accustomed to it and adapt. And if that happens, the progress you were making becomes less and less.

Throwing a curve ball into my workouts has really helped me and encourages me to keep going. Daniel provides even more of the encouragement when things seem to be get a little tougher. I think his booming voice that makes fun of me by calling me “Sally” travels a little bit further. But, seriously, seeing the positive results he has made in other people’s health encourages me to go even a little further.

Like he says, if working out was easy then everyone would be doing it. So remember, if you want something bad enough, set your sights on it and make it happen. I look forward to seeing you at the park or at the gym.

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