Andrew Branca

Fitness quest

Week eight

While people do lie, the scales donít. When I weighed in this week, the facts were revealed. I had gained some of the weight back that I have been working so hard to rid myself of.

Itís not that I havenít been putting in the effort to do the workouts out a regular basis because I have. Since I was seeing progress, I got lazy and thought that I could go back to how things used to be. Seeing part of that hard work disappear was really an eye opener so to speak. This made me realize that I have to be constantly aware in maintaining a healthy diet both when people are watching and at home.

While this was a mistake, it is not important to dwell on the past. Instead it is important to look at the future and see how to make it better.

I know there are a lot of people out there like myself who battle with weight issues every day. I understand your feelings and know where you are coming from. There are times I would rather eat a bucket of chicken then grab some kind of healthy alternative. I now have to remember that eating healthy not only involves the body but also the mind. Eating in moderation and learning to tell myself ďnoĒ are two lessons Iím really taking to heart.

My personal trainer Daniel Ortiz told me you have to be diligent about keeping yourself in line when making healthy eating choices. He also told me itís important to realize when you have made a mistake but donít dwell on it Ė just find a way to correct and fix it. That is solid advice from somebody who has made a career out of being healthy.

Despite the small setback, I am still seeing progress being made. The weight that I am able to lift is becoming a greater amount and I can feel myself gaining more upper body strength. One of the new training techniques Daniel is incorporating into the workout is having me run different distances in the parking lot of the Lordís Gym. Iím now able to break into a slow run instead of the shuffle I started out doing. There have also been times I think he has me run around the parking lot for his amusement: I can tell when there is a grin or a snicker. You have to be careful with trainers because when they say one more they really mean two more.

Along with the running, I think Daniel is trying to turn me into the next Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee by incorporating a little bit of boxing and kickboxing in the workout routine. These new activities do help to break up the long pace of the workout.

While I joke about Daniel, he is the kind of person you want in your corner backing you up. Like I said earlier, mistakes do happen but you have to get back up from them to learn from them. As Daniel has said, success is what you make of yourself so work hard and be consistent in everything.

I continue thanking everyone for his or her support in making this lifestyle change a lot easier. I hope to see you all at the gym.

For more information on working out, email Ortiz at† or visit online at†

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