Andrew Branca

Fitness quest

Slow steady steps are the keys to lasting fitness.

Those steps have been keeping me going this week. The progress Im making helps me to keep coming back and work just a little bit harder.

Having more energy is the biggest improvement that I have seen.

Before, working out it was really a struggle not only to bend to tie my shoes but to do simple tasks like getting the mail. When you get winded from walking only a short distance you know there are more problems beneath the surface.

In this latest update I do want to thank the community for helping to keep me honest while out shopping for groceries. Having that cheering section in the background keeps me going and moving forward in a positive direction.

While working out at the gym I have also noticed Im able to do longer distances both on the stationary bike and the treadmill and at a faster pace. And seeing a reflection of myself in that mirror is not as hard as it used to be.

The one thought I want to pass onto you is not to give up on yourself. The downfall of a lot of people is the phrase I cant. Saying I cant do this or I cant do that allows you to fail before you know what youre capable of.

My personal trainer, Daniel Ortiz, has told me many times that by pushing yourself a little

further each day you will arrive at the destination of success.

Now, am I at that destination yet? No, but Im working on that each and every day.

A fitness journey is not one huge adjustment, it is a series of steps you take each day. Those steps, if taken in the right progression, can take you where you want to be.

The other item Daniel brings up a lot is, If becoming fit was easy then everyone would do it and I would not have a job.

I have heard it said that anything worth doing is worth doing right. With that said I want to encourage everyone to take those steps to become a healthier you.

Trust me there are days that I dont, want to be at the gym and deal with lifting heavy objects for an hour.

Honestly, there are times when Im at the gym thinking, Man, Id much rather be at home eating a bucket of chicken and watching television. But looking at where I have come from I dont want to go back to what used to be normal.

Remember, if you do miss working out for a day, dont beat yourself up about it, just get to the gym the next day. The success I see is only brought about by the amount of work that I put in. So the important question is, Where do you want to be?

I look forward to seeing you at the gym.

For more information on working out, e-mail Daniel at or visit online at

Andrew Branca is a reporter with Waxahachie Newspapers Inc. Contact Andrew at or 469-517-1458.