Hope Clinic in Waxahachie held a flagpole dedication Sunday, Sept. 11, to honor past and present first responders and remember those who lost their lives that day.

Guest speaker Harriet Adams of Ennis shared her memories of being in New York City that fateful day.

“I was three miles away from the Twin Towers when they fell,” Adams said. “I am strengthened by the parallel at Hope Clinic comforting, taking care of others and offering compassion.”

Adams told attendees about several memories from that day, including her recollections of walking with her client (the two were on a business trip to New York City) from 1st to 50th Street to try and give blood.

With the exception of emergency vehicles, the entire city was afoot, she said, saying they finally arrived at the American Red Cross only to see a large line of people waiting because the agency had shut its doors because it couldn’t take in any more donations.

“There was a huge cloud of gray dust slowly falling over all of us,” Adams said. “The people that came out of it looked like zombies, because they were completely covered in gray dust and the empty expression on all of their faces.”

Adams said she and many others also went to where the first responders were going in and out of the World Trade Center site so they could hand them apples and bottles of water.

Dr. Peggy Linguist spoke about the creation of a new America on Sept. 12, 2001, and how people used to take things for granted, like their families and first responders.

“We want to thank and honor first responders. They are doing a deep and biblical act of living out the hope inside of them,” Linguist said. “Each of us needs to live out the hope in us. 9/11 calls us to live out the hope inside.”

Local singer/songwriter Mark Sheffield played his song “American Hero” and Lisa Garcia sang the national anthem. Boy Scouts raised the flag and lowered it to half-mast in honor of 9/11.

Pastor of Waxahachie Bible Church Bruce Zimmerman led the prayer and clinic chief operating officer Tim Samuels presented the introduction and welcome.

For more information about Hope Clinic, visit www.hopeclinicelliscounty.com or call 972-923-2440.

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