Fifteen years of intense study and more than two years of layout work and editing has resulted in a chapter-by-chapter summary of the Bible, entitled “Bible Notes,” written by Patricia Burke of Arlington.

“I began 15 years ago studying three chapters a day in the Bible,” Burke said. “I took notes and basically summarized sections of the scripture as I studied. I spent most all of 2007 writing and summarizing, doing layout and editing of the work.”

According to the liner notes of her book, she began writing the book as a quick reference for herself so she would know what was in the Bible, where certain passages were and what Jesus taught, versus what Paul and the other disciples taught.

She said many of her friends and acquaintances, when they saw her work, encouraged her to have it published.

“I decided that it must be a calling on my life,” she said.

Burke began work on the book, taking sections of scripture, beginning with Genesis chapter one.

“It’s not actually a word-study book,” she said. “It’s more of an explanation of what the scripture says, worded in common, easily understood language. Even many Christians have a hard time understanding the language of the King James version of the Bible.” She noted that some commonly quoted verses and frequently used phrases are in bold print.

“It is surprising how many common phrases used in everyday speech were coined from the Bible,” she said.

The Harvesters Christian Fellowship, a non-denominational organization, licensed Burke to the ministry in 1999.

A social worker, Burke has a private counseling practice in Arlington and also serves as an adjunct professor at University of Texas at Arlington. She has her doctorate in hypnotherapy and conducts continuing education classes dealing with health and wellness and healthy living skills.

“And, since my daily job is counseling people in life skills, positive thinking, effective living and establishment of peace of mind, I have italicized sections that back up the therapeutic concepts I commonly discuss with clients,” she said. “I hope these are all helpful in directing readers to live a more satisfying and spiritual life.”

Burke’s sister, Dottie Ueberroth, a Waxahachie resident who serves as administrative assistant for the Small Business Administration office at Navarro College lauds her sister’s writing accomplishment.

“I’ve been waiting for a book like this that’s easy to read and understand,” Ueberroth said. “I’ve heard several people in her church ask her why she doesn’t write such a book.”

She noted that since childhood, Burke has always wanted to help people, and that desire led her into social work.

“She is always helping out in her church and she has sung in the church choir for about 13 years,” Ueberroth said. “She loves to spend time with her children and grandchildren. She’s just a very accomplished person in all she does. We’re all very proud of her.”

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