WASHINGTON, D.C. – Texans flocked to the nation’s Capitol for Tuesday’s historic presidential inauguration and several hundred people from the 6th District were among the crowds.

Congressman Joe Barton kicked things off with a welcome reception for his constituents Monday night. Guests were served several complimentary Tex-Mex favorites to remind them of home and Barton personally greeted each person at the celebration and posed for photos with them.

“This is a historic event and it is great to share it with my fellow Texans. I love getting to meet the people I represent face to face and talk to them about what matters most to them. It makes me a better congressman,” Barton said.

Joining the dozens of people at the reception were two recognizable faces: Michael Young, who spends most of his summer in Arlington playing infield for the Texas Rangers, and Luci Baines Johnson, daughter of former President and Texas icon Lyndon Baines Johnson. They each took time to pose for photos and speak to the guests.

Barton distributed more than 200 tickets to the inauguration and parade during the reception. Recipients of the coveted passes were from across the 6th district – from Arlington to Crockett and several towns in between.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to fulfill all of the ticket requests so Barton invited everyone to his office Tuesday morning to watch the inauguration. Several people took him up on the offer and watched the ceremony on TV. They couldn’t see the stage from Barton’s window, but the gathered guests did get a chance to see former President Bush’s helicopter take off as he left the Capitol for the final time.

Neither event was paid for using taxpayer money.

Barton represents the 6th District of Texas. He was first elected in 1984.