Diann Wilson, financial administrator for the 2011 G.R.E.E.N. Marathon, recently distributed $10,000 to each of three county agencies that serve the needs of abused and neglected children: the Ellis County Child Welfare Board chaired by Sylvia Smith; the Rainbow Room, chaired by Elizabeth Tull; and Court Appointed Special Advocates of Ellis County led by executive director Rhodie Rawls. Leroy Fenton is the director and coordinator of the marathon.

The vision of the team of local residents who manage the marathon is: “Safe Children is our passion, good citizenship is our commitment, community education is our objective and the ultimate golf event is our goal.”

“Our major sponsors make a major commitment to our community and the children by funding the 2011 G.R.E.E.N. Marathon,” said Dr. Leroy Fenton, chair of the G.R.E.E.N. Marathon. “We cannot say thanks enough to City Credit Union, Sandy and Bryce Anderson, Baylor Surgicare of Ennis, Citizens National Bank of Texas, Ennis Orthopedics PA, Ennis State Bank, First State Bank of Rice, state Rep. Jim Pitts, Victron Energy, Vintage Bank, Baylor Health Care Center, Ennis Regional Medical Center, Lawn Master and Schirm USA.”

Fenton noted the need to provide support and services to abused children in Ellis County.

“There is no reason to write off abused kids who have been mistreated, abused, maligned and brutalized,” he said. “To throw in the towel on these children who need help is unforgiveable. Recovery is possible and these three organizations are helping dramatically to make a difference. The energy and passion of these volunteers are extraordinary. Many children live in dangerous circumstances constantly and the numbers continue to grow.”

The 100th G.R.E.E.N. (Golfers Rallying to Erase the Effects of Neglect) Marathon confronted unusual circumstances this year. The event was rained out May 2 and rescheduled June 12; however, one-third of the golfers could not adjust to the new date. Hurdles aside, the event brought in just under $40,000, allowing a $30,000 distribution after expenses were paid.

Mark Cloud, Jim Fowler, Kris Taylor and Dustin Kennedy, all in their first year with the marathon, were four of the top 10 money producers, raising just under $6,000. Cloud was the top money earner, winning the top prize of an Apple iPad. John Knight won a Sony TV donated by Best Buy. The third and fourth place winners, Leroy Fenton and Leo Kammerbeek, were awarded a Garmin GPS.

Next year’s event is scheduled for Monday, March 26, at Country View Golf Course in Lancaster.