Performance and luxury, 2011 Jaguar has it all

As soon as the driver handed me the keys to the XKR Convertible, I had to call my mom.

A couple of years ago my mom came for a visit and as fate would have it, that week I happened to be test driving the Jaguar XK Convertible.

She fell in love with the car and hasnít stopped talking about it since. Naturally, when they dropped off the 2011 XKR Convertible, I had to call her up to let her know I was driving ďher car.Ē

The XK is available in coupe or convertible body styles. Consumers also have their choice of the naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V-8 engine (385 horsepower) or the XKR series featuring the 510 horsepower twin vortex supercharged version of the same engine.

This review is going to focus on the XKR, since that what Iíve been driving for the past week.

For those not familiar with Jaguar, there are two things the company does extremely well ó performance and luxury.

And this car is at the top of the charts in both categories.

If I didnít have the income bracket that goes along with being a mild mannered reporter, this car would be parked in my driveway.†

Since it appears that Bill Gates isnít interested in adopting me, Iíll have to be content with my annual test drive.

But if I had the moneyÖ. this is one sweet ride.

And if youíre like me and have to ask the price, the XKR Convertible has a base price of $102,125. My test vehicle came equipped with the optional 20-inch Takoba wheels, which brought the total to $107,125. Adding the $875 destination and delivery charge, the final sticker price came to an even $108,000.

As my wife reminded me, thatís more than double the price of our first house. She can also squeeze a penny until Abe screams, so Iím not anticipating adding a Jaguar fob to my keychain any time soon.

While it made little impact when I was pleading my case with the wife, the XK series does come with Jaguarís Platinum Coverage, which includes complimentary scheduled maintenance for the first five years/50,000 miles.

But I sure enjoyed every minute of my week behind the wheel.

Iím not going to use a lot of space talking about the XKRís performance, other than to say it exceeds every expectation you could ever imagine.

One of the many elements that sets Jaguar apart is its adaptive dynamics active damping system that monitors body movement 100 times per second and wheel position 500 times per second and automatically increases damping rate and the suspension approaches the limits of its travel. Without question, it has the reflexes of a cat.

When it comes to performance luxury, the XKR is a must for the test drive list.

Neal White has been covering the automotive industry for more than 20 years and is affiliated with the Texas Auto Writers Association.


2011 Jaguar XK

4-seat coupe/convertible†

Rear-wheel drive

Trim packages:





5.0-L V8 (385 hp/380 torque)

5.0-L SC V8 (510 hp/461 T)


6-speed auto w/paddle shifters

EPA: 16/15 mpg city, 24/22 mpg highway (XK/XKR)

FUEL: Premium unleaded

0-60 mph: 4.6 seconds


Dynamic stability control, cornering brake control, understeer control, electronic traction control, engine drag torque control and active differential control

BRAKES: ABS with electronic brake-force distribution

LENGTH: 188 inches

WHEELBASE: 108 inches

WIDTH: 79 inches

HEIGHT: 52 inches

WEIGHT: 3651-3968 lbs.

TRACK: 61.4/62.8


FUEL TANK: 16.1 gallons

TIRES: 19-, or 20-inch

SAFETY: Dual front dual-depth front airbags, seat-mounted head curtain side impact airbags, remote keyless entry, et. al.