Television show to feature Waxahachie restaurant

Pop’s Burger Stand is known for its one-of-a-kind burgers and its down-home atmosphere that makes customers feel like family.

Since moving from Ennis and opening its doors more than a year ago in Waxahachie, Pop’s continues to draw customers from around North Texas. This buzz has also drawn the attention of producers with the “Texas Bucket List” television show, which will feature the restaurant on an episode at 7:30 p.m. Saturday on channel 47.

“I never heard of the Texas Bucket List. He (show host Shane McAuliffe) came in about three months ago. He said, ‘We are going from Frisco to College Station.’ I am not sure if he Google’d best restaurants or best burgers, but he Google’d it and we popped up,” said Pop’s co-owner Lee Edwards. “He said, ‘Do you mind if we come here and do a story on it.’ They spent about three or four hours here. They interviewed me. They interviewed my son. It is pretty cool.”

According to the show’s website, the show is dedicated to everything people have to see, do and experience in Texas. McAuliffe interviews unique individuals and travels to different places taking in the food, music and culture in each episode.

Edwards said McAuliffe asked him a lot questions about the restaurant and how he and his son Ben Edwards got started in the business, and talked a lot about the quality of the food in the episode.

“You could tell that he loved what he was doing. He was very professional. He was professional on one hand and kind of laid back and easy to talk with on the other hand. Great guy,” Lee said.

Ben, the other co-owner, said having the restaurant featured on the show is a big deal and really showcases the hard work everyone has put in to make the restaurant a success.

“We made a Facebook post about it. We are inviting a people in to watch it. We are going to put it on all the TVs and turn the radio off. I imagine Saturday at 7:30 p.m. we are going have restaurant full of people. It is going to be pretty sweet,” Ben said.

“I am interested to see what all made it into the show and how they laid it out. I was pretty nervous when they came in, and having the camera in front of me.”

Ben said the food is what drew the show to Pop’s. Prior to reaching out, McAuliffe had looked up online reviews. While the episode is expected to focus a lot on the food, it will also talk about the father-son relationship between Lee and Ben.

“The food was why he came here. He had looked up Yelp reviews. But really he got into the father-son thing. He talked about what is like working together,” Ben said. “It is great. We work together, so we are around 24/7. So at times working with family can be frustrating, but at the same time I would not give it up for anything. It is a great opportunity and I really enjoy it. We both work hard.”

Lee said Waxahachie has really embraced them and made them feel welcome since the opening.

“I am blown away by people everyday who come up and say, ‘Pop’s that is the best hamburger I have ever eaten.’ It is one thing for somebody to say, ‘That is a dang good burger,’ but for people to say, ‘That is the best burger I have ever eaten’ to me — that blows me away,” Lee said. “I have got customers telling me that they are calling ‘Dinners, Drive-Ins and Dives’ trying to get Guy Fieri down here. This thing is getting a life of it’s own.”

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