To the Editor,

Let me if I may, straighten out some things that may not be as clear as they should be. For instance, in some of my recent rants and ravings, I have come to the conclusion I have not adequately provided you with the facts needed to make a reasonable determination of what ever the heck is it that I am bellyaching about at any given moment. If I have truly hurt your feelings, that was certainly not what I set out to do. Please forgive me. Now on to what I was talking about the other day about Obama giving our worst enemies guns, ammo and money. On Sept.17 this made the news. President Obama announced he had waived part of a federal law desinged to prevent the supply of arms to terrorist groups,i ncluding al-Qaida. Some American people have a problem with the President aiding and abetting our enemy that has sworn to kill all of us. Some do not. I suppose that is your right.  Oh, by the way, do you know the militant Muslims have a sacred “duty” to kill all the infidels they come across? Kinda makes one wonder what is an infidel? The answer to that is “everybody that is not a Muslim.” On the day before this came out this was also in the news. Some 2,837 illegal immigrants convicted of sexual offenses were recently cut loose from American jails to comply with a Supreme Court order that says immigrants cannot be held if their home countries refuse to take them back. That was just a small percentage of the nearly 59,347 released from jail as of September of last year due to the court order. Since they could not be deported, they were released under “some form”of supervision, the Times reported. Do you see what this country is up against? I hopes this helps.

David Nance,