To the Editor,

Forgive me Senator, as I was not born in Texas. That stated I have lived here for most of my life. I see from your biography that you are a native Texan. That pointed out, I believe you should have a better understanding of the Texas values you should be representing better than I do. However, I am wrong! I think I have a better understanding of the values of the great state of Texas than you are representing now in the Senate.

I am disgusted learning the news that you will be publicly opposing Senator Ted Cruz and his struggle to bring relief to Texans from the disaster that is the “affordable” care act, also known as ObamaCare. The Texas public is opposed to the Big Government takeover of one-sixth of the American economy. Apparently, since your president exempted you and your family from the obligation of government-controlled health insurance, you are good with it while we the people not exempted are stuck with the train wreck.

Further, I believe Texans, with the Lone Star spirit, come with an indestructible self-reliance of their own ability to care for themselves. We do not require the federal government, or our elected public servants (that would be you sir), to make our health care insurance plans for us.

As a senator from Texas, as a representative for Texas, you should be standing up to the federal government. As a candidate for reelection, you should definitely have a better-tuned ear to the wishes and opinions of your activist constituency. You did not come, but sent representatives from your office to the Ellis County Tea Party general meeting a few weeks ago, and the men sent gave us a song and dance about your BS wish to defund ObamaCare. We did not believe them then; now you have validated our belief.

You shall be primary challenged, we will find a candidate who supports our limited government constitutional views, and you will be looking at your final days in the ruling class.

Bill Carson

Ellis County Tea Party