ENNIS — Looking for a scare or a good fright this Halloween season? The Galaxy Drive-In Theater will be showing two spooktacular films on Oct. 27 featuring Ennis actor Mike Hall.

Hall has acted in stage, television and film productions. His resume includes working on such television shows as “Lone Star,” “Chase,” “Without a Trace” and “The Practice.” He also served as an extra in the movie “The Alamo” and was in a BMW Z4 commercial that was directed by John Woo.

The first film that will be shown at the drive-in is called “The Merchant.” The story of this film is a taken from the German literary classic “Faust” but has been updated. The setting of “The Merchant” is in the old west.

Hall said four outlaws get trapped in a mine and just as they are about to die a demon appears to them offering them a chance to live but for a price, their soul.

The demon sweetens the deal further in exchange for their soul he will provide them riches and power.

“They all take the deal. The demon even says I’ll wait 20 years before I come collect. William “Big Bill” Micallef the main character of the film makes his own deal. He does not give the demon his soul but the soul of his unborn son, which the demon takes him up on,” Hall said. “When they get out Micallef takes the baby when it is born and abandons it with a local priest and murders the mother. He thinks that all is well. He takes away the wealth and power from the other three. He then takes over this little town. The people in the town are stuck between two evils, Micallef and the demon.”

Hall plays Levi in the film as Micallef’s head henchman. Hall describes Levi as a person who is not as smart or as brave as he thinks he is. While Levi suffers for overconfidence, Hall added that he was a lot of fun to play.

The second film that will be shown at the drive-in is called “Skookum: The Hunt for Bigfoot.” The story is about two sisters whose father serves as a local constable in Louisiana. Reports have been coming in that people are seeing a creature in the area. When the girls’ father and mother go out to investigate they are found murdered.

Twenty-five years later the older sister Anna becomes a television reporter and the younger sister Megan becomes an expert on the Bigfoot creature. Once again reports come in about the creature and Megan comes up missing. Anna returns home to help in the search for her sister. In the film, Hall plays Todd Yancy who is a local resident and a troublemaker. Todd helps in the search for Megan.

The film was shot on location in Oil City, La. Oil City was the site of another Bigfoot movie, “Creature from Black Lake” that came out in 1976.

“This is my adopted hometown and I have really grown to love Ennis. I am excited about bringing the films here. We will be showing both films as a double feature at the Galaxy Drive-In Theater in Ennis,” Hall said. “A lot of the cast members will be here for a meet and greet before the movie. They will be here to take pictures and sign autographs and answer questions.”

Hall said while neither of these films will win an Academy Award they are two films that are made for pure enjoyment for movie lovers. These films pay tribute to a time when films were easily shot and produced. Even though both of these films are independently made, film quality in the final product is outstanding. Hall added that these films bring back memories of taking a date to the drive-in to see a B horror movie. The films will be shown as a double feature.

For more information about “The Merchant” go to its website at www.themerchantmovie.com. For more information about “Skookum: The Hunt for Bigfoot” go to its website at www.skookumthemovie.com.

The Galaxy Drive-In Theater is located at 5301 N. Interstate Highway 45 in Ennis. For more information about the theater go to its website at www.galaxydriveintheatre.com.

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