My daughter is getting married in two weeks. I need a new dress. I need a new body. No, I need a new attitude.

“All eyes on the bride,” my husband reminds me and I am relieved.

I want Sara to be happy and she seems to be. For months, we have talked about the many details regarding the ceremony and reception.

She teaches on the high school campus, so we see each other during most workdays and can work wedding plans into the most abbreviated of visits.

“I found the cutest wedding favors online.”

“We’re flying to Kauai for the honeymoon!”

“Did the caterer call you back?”

Her ring sparkles almost as much as her hazel eyes. My 82-year old mom rode with me to a recent wedding shower and repeated Sara’s breathless details of first meeting her future husband.

“I have felt the same way about him since I first saw him,” the bride-to-be said. And everyone in the room knew she meant love, ga-ga eyes, heart a-flutter.

She is lucky. In their early 20’s, Sara and Hunter Glass could enjoy the same march of togetherness as my parents who will celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary this fall.

“I have felt the same way about him, since I first saw him in his U.S. Marines uniform 65 years ago,” my mom said. She looked at the man with whom she raised six children. Her dearest friend for the past six decades. The husband who will offer his hand as the music strikes up and waltz his partner across the ballroom floor at their granddaughter’s wedding.

May Sara and Hunter build such a loving history as their young lives unfold together, so full of promise and possibilities.

Susie Casstevens serves as the librarian for the AH Meadows Public and High School Library. Contact Susie at 972-775-3417 ext 1061 or visit the web at