WASHINGTON, D.C. —  Rep. Joe Barton (R-Ennis/Arlington), who remains a leader in the fight against government takeover of the healthcare system, released the following statement after voting for the Continuing Resolution, defunding ObamaCare:

“I supported this Continuing Resolution because it defunds ObamaCare ensuring that no more of your money is wasted on this law.

“I held nine town hall meetings and at each one people spoke passionately about the real consequences ObamaCare will cause in their lives if it is fully implemented.

“The ‘Affordable Care Act’ has changed the landscape of healthcare in our country. It should be about the private and personal relationship between a patient and a doctor. Instead, this law turns it into a complicated web of rules and regulations that now involve government boards and the IRS.

“I want every American to have access to affordable health care. We can accomplish that goal by giving people more choices, not forcing government mandates on them. Republicans in the House have risen up against ObamaCare, now it is up to the Senate to follow our lead and enact the will of the American people by defunding this law.

“While I supported this continuing resolution, I do think we need to put a halt to these short-term stop gap spending measures. It is time to get serious about the nation’s spending problem. The upcoming debt ceiling debate is the perfect opportunity to discuss substantive budget issues. I don’t intend on letting it pass by.”