To the Editor,

In one of my recent newsletters I wrote on how our “king” is dead, namely the concept of law as expounded by Thomas Paine. If you have not looked at the facts surrounding the case brought by a partisan district attorney in Texas against former Congressman Tom DeLay, I will give just a brief synopsis of what the actions of a Texas Court of Appeals today tell us about our judicial system.

Mr. DeLay was accused and convicted of money laundering, which charges the court today ruled were false. DeLay had been a strong conservative in the Congress and became the focus of political attacks by the Democrats. Numerous charges were brought against him in Congress and in each case they were tossed out. Finally, a leftist prosecuting attorney brought the money laundering charges against him. Six different grand juries refused to indict him on these charges, and one even “no-billed” him, meaning they considered DeLay to be innocent of the charges. The court also gave a scathing rebuke to the judge who presided over the case for his ineptitude in handling the facts of the case and even took the very rare step of acquitting DeLay.

So what does this tell us of the status of our judiciary today? It tells us that

• Those on the left will resort to any extreme to destroy those they cannot defeat in the arena of ideas.

• Law — justice as Bastiat defined it — is, if not dead, severely weakened.

• The concept of law and justice being blind to everything but the facts of the case no longer applies.

• If partisan ideologues can get away with such actions, then civil society, which must be based upon law, justice and equality under them, cannot long endure, and if so, then neither can freedom.

• Sometimes, justice will eventually win out.

Yes, justice was finally dispensed in this case, but at what cost? At what cost to not just Tom DeLay, but to our society, our principles, and our Constitution?

Frank Kuchar,

GOP Congressional candidate

Arlington, Texas