WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Joe Barton (R-Ennis/Arlington) issued the following statement Friday after reviewing new EPA regulations reducing carbon emissions from power plants. He believes this will continue to place economic constraints on an already fragile economy and the American people.

“By continuing his ‘War on Coal,’ the President has also declared war on the middle class. The people who can’t afford to pay more will be hit the hardest. The new regulations he proposed today will effectively stop the construction of new coal fired power plants in the United States. This would put a strain on the electrical grid and could significantly raise rates. Think about what that will do to your family budget, especially during the summer.

“This regulatory overreach will have a chilling effect on the entire economy. Affordable energy is fueling a manufacturing renaissance in our nation. His plan to jack up power prices will end this resurgence and kill jobs – that doesn’t even include the thousands who work directly in the coal industry that will end up in unemployment lines.

“The President is betting your future on unproven “green” technology, like carbon capture and storage – things that have never been used commercially.

“I support continued investment and research into renewable and cleaner energy alternatives, but we can’t just turn our back on the fuel sources that currently power our nation. I will continue to fight for a true ‘all of the above’ approach that will keep prices low and create good paying jobs.”

Rep. Barton remains committed to making sure the American people are not caught in the middle of the President’s “War on Coal.”