DALLAS — Sunday was a big day for the Dallas Cowboys — and their fans.

The team dominated the St. Louis Rams en route to a 31-7 victory and a Waxahachie man played a big role in that.

Waxahachie’s own Brian Waters made his first appearance at home in a Dallas Cowboys jersey.

“It’s great to have the opportunity to see my family and be near my friends,” Waters said following Sunday’s game in Dallas. “My hometown loves the Cowboys and it’s one of those things where one of their favorite sons can be on their favorite football team and be successful.”

Waters played a handful of snaps in the Cowboys’ week two loss to his former team, the Kansas City Chiefs, but played half the game Sunday.

Waters didn’t sign with the Cowboys until the final week of training camp and he’s working his way back into full-time starter shape.

“I think I could play a whole game now, but that’s the coaches’ call,” Waters said. “We’ve got a good group and the more players you have, the better because it’s a long season. You’ve got to have more than five offensive lineman to be successful.”

His coach talked about his performance after the game and said Waters is getting back to Pro Bowl caliber of play.

“We think he’s getting better and better and more and more ready to play,” Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said. “I thought we were physical up front today and we’re a stronger football team inside.”

Thanks in part to Waters’ effort, Dallas racked up 396 yards of total offense, including 175 rushing yards from running back DeMarco Murray.

“It was a good feeling just being able to do my part for us to be successful. We’ve got a talented running back and we want him to get into the next level. (You saw that today)  with the tight ends and wide receivers out there blocking,” Waters said. “We’ve got talent, we just want to do what we can to be successful and today was a good day for that.”

Despite Murray’s dominating performance, Waters said his team wasn’t trying to prove a point by by Sunday’s running attack as the goal is always to find balance.

“It’s great to have one guy do so well, but we’re not worried about the individual stuff,” Waters said. “Obviously, we’re happy to see all the yards he got, but we want to be able to block for whoever is back there. We’re going to go look at the film this week and highlight the things we did well, but also work on the things we didn’t do so well.”

There wasn’t much the team didn’t do well Sunday. Waters was called for one holding penalty and the Cowboys did draw six penalties for 72 yards.

Dallas and Waters reached an agreement on a one-year deal worth up to $3 million on Sept. 3. Waters graduated from Waxahachie High School in 1995 and played the University of North Texas.

“I just really appreciate how my hometown has always been supportive of me and I’m very thankful for that,” Waters said.

He made a name for himself with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he was a six-time Pro Bowler and received the NFL’s “Man of the Year” award. He also played for the New England Patriots in 2011 before sitting out all of last season.

His base salary with the Cowboys is $1.5 million and can be worth up to $3 million if he reaches certain incentives.

So he can definitely afford a ticket to Lumpkins Stadium this year to watch the Indians play, which he plans on doing. Waters  said he was planning on going to the Thursday night game last week, but the weather kept him away.

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