On a Saturday morning earlier this month, several members of Boy Scout Troop 652, led by Eagle Scout candidate Zach Grigsby, gathered at the Waxahachie Senior Citizens Centeras a part of a community service project to help the center.

One of the last requirements to obtain the rank of Eagle Scout is to organize a project that benefits the community that he lives in. The scout must determine the materials he needs, how much labor help is required and organize the project with the help of the members of his troop. The project must also be approved by the troop’s leadership and the district’s Eagle Scout advancement chairman as well.

Grigsby’ project was to repaint the parking lot stripes and crosswalks at the center.

“There’s a lot of work that goes into this; way more than it looks for the stripes to be straight and even,” Grigsby said.

As many of the Ellis County Eagles Scouts have done, Grigsby contacted Joe Smith of the Waxahachie parks and recreation department. Smith always has a long list of projects for the scouts to choose from.

“This one stuck out as the stripes, especially the crosswalks, were very dim and needed painting. At the Waxahachie Senior Citizens Center, these need to be bright and more easily seen,” Grigsby said.

“Another reason I chose this project is it can be completed in one day with the help of my troop members and leaders,” Grigsby said.

Grigsby’s hurry stemmed from the fact that he will become 18 years old in two weeks. An Eagle candidate has to complete all his requirements before his 18th birthday.

With the completion of his project, he must also pass his Eagle board of review.

“I’ve got one shot at passing my board review,” Grigsby said.

At the board of review, he will meet with his troop’s adult leaders as well as community and district leaders.

One of the parts of this review is the presentation of his project book. His book must have details of the project and how he successfully completed it.

“The hardest part of this project was the clean up. I had to clean up spills and one of the black trash cans after some tape being thrown away still had wet, yellow paint on it. Yellow paint really sticks out on a black trashcan,” Grigsby said.

Painting the stripes between the tape and being able to use the spray paint striper was the easiest part of the project,” Grigsby said.

“I’m really excited about finishing and being an Eagle Scout,” he added.

As a member of the Red Oak troop Grigsby has held several leadership positions including senior patrol leader. Along his path to Eagle, he has earned 25 merit badges as well as helping current Eagle Scouts with their Eagle projects. Some of those Eagle’s joined Grigsby Saturday morning for his project.

The Red Oak High School senior plans on joining the Army after graduation and studying to be a medic. While in the Army he hopes to complete his medical training and is looking forward to become a medical missionary.