To the Editor,

We had our constitutional expert inform us that our government is infringing on our rights to bear arms. What, again? I guess they missed that guy at the shipyard. Let me be Frank. On second thought, scratch that. The mass murder dí jour is an unfortunate byproduct of the second amendment. Almost as unfortunate as it being used as a soapbox by a candidate. Itís on the menu and comes with that plate full of† constitutional freedom you ordered. You canít send it back then order al a carte.

Why we should re-elect† Senator, (sorry, I must have been uninformed) Representative Joe Barton has many good reasons. (Never thought I would ever write that). Foremost is that I am not running for that seat. Yet. Or, as of this letter, is any Democrat or Progressive Independent that has even a snowballís chance to win. Fact is kids, Joe knows the game of Congress and knows how to get the voice of his constituents heard. Even I who speaks out of the left side of my mouth gets a few words into his right ear. (His left one doesnít work). Why would we want to lessen our voices when we need to use them now more than ever?† oppa knows where the bacon is and how to get it back home. Elect someone else to that office and all you will get is someone trying to be heard from the bottom end of the congressional pecking order asking for a map instead of having someone who knows when to talk and when to walk to get things done for the benefit of his constituency. Political reality.

And now will the winners of the most over dramatic performance on the political stage get on the Red bus to be brought en masse to accept your awards. Sorry guys but those seats up front are reserved by the lobbyists for their Congress people already in office. Just use the seats further back on the right side that face backwards. The party will tell you where youíre going.

You TEA† Party people really need to get your own bus instead of hitching a ride on the red one.

Can we get the candidates for Texas District 10 to gather at the back of the bus and practice your requisite catch phrases, please? OK, repeat after Rush. De-fund Obamacare. Put God back in schools and government but keep government out of religion. Liberty for all but those who you decide donít believe in liberty. Rebuke bigotry by those who are not of your kind. Stay out of our state unless you give us money to do it ourselves. You will not support taxes on anything unless it will bring your campaign contributors more profits. You believe that we have the right to be the best individual we can be. Unless being that doesnít reflect a family value that you decide is a family value. And defend the constitution against (insert anything you want here). Tell them to vote for you and youíll set them free from whatever you think they should be free from.

Thanks for your concerns, guys, but I reject your fear agendas. A bit inflammatory for me.

Vote Fox in Ď16.

Alan Fox,