To the Editor,

Well, it looks like we have seen another terro ...  oh, wait, they just said it was “work place” violence. I would like to ask each of you a question. How many of you still believe everything you hear coming out of  D.C.? Do you know there are Muslim sleeper cells all over this country? Do you really believe we will ever have a secure border? Do you ever wonder how come the president cannot close the border? A couple of weeks ago it was on the news that the leader of a big terrorist group overseas ordered his men in this country to start hitting targets at his direction. Just a small group, maybe just three or four. Their aim was to cause us to divert huge sums of money to be spent, by us. You know, somebody has to pay for blown up bridges, highways, buildings. Who do you think that will be? That’s right, the tax payers. Their aim is not to kill a lot of people, but to drain “us”of our economy. Here is a little something else to chew on. How come Obama is working so hard to get the gays in the Boy Scouts? How ‘bout gay marriages? You know, this may well be my last letter on this sort of stuff. Because, there seems to be a heck of a lotta people that still believe he is exactly what we need. You know, the Bible speaks about a people just like us. We refuse to listen to the Word of God any more. If we refuse to listen to the word of God, we are, without a doubt, utterly, the most ignorant people on the face of this earth.(I pray that will NOT be the final verdict.).

David Nance,