Eight WHS band students have earned a spot on the prestigious Region 20 All-Region Jazz band.

On Saturday, Sept. 14, WHS hosted the Region 20 All-Region Jazz Audition.  Students who intend to audition receive the music in May and must work throughout the summer to prepare for the competition.  

Ultimately, only 40 students earn a chair in one of two jazz ensembles, and all 20 students who make the top band have a chance to record their music to be sent in for the TMEA All-State Jazz audition.

Waxahachie High School had eight students earn a chair in one of the two jazz bands, and five of those will be recording for State.  

The Region 20 Jazz bands are some of the best jazz groups in the entire state, so making one of these ensembles is a huge achievement.  

Additionally, only 140 students around Texas are allowed to record for the state level each year, so our WHS students who will be recording in October are truly some of the best in Texas!

The following WHS students have made the first jazz band and earned the opportunity to record for All State Jazz: Colin Dacy, Efren Almaguer, Gannon Escobar on trumpet, Tyler Merrit on trombone, and Jose Alvarenga on bass trombone.

The following WHS students have made the second jazz band: Paul Martin on trumpet, and Charlisa Burkhalter on trombone. Michael Rundgren earned an alternate position on trombone.

The Region 20 Jazz Concert will be held at WHS at 4 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 7.  The concert is free to the public.