EDITOR’S NOTE: Sara Rundgren is a senior member of the nationally-recognized Spirit of Waxahachie Indian Band. Playing flute, she is chronicling the marching band during the 2013 season in their bid to return to the Texas UIL State Marching Band Competition.

Monday, 9.16.2013

We began bright and early on Monday with a review of the first few pages of “Movement 4” that we had learned last week. We learned a few more sets, taking us almost completely through the ballad.

Tuesday, 9.17.2013

Tuesday’s rehearsal served as a wakeup call to the band.

We took nearly an hour and a half to refresh our memories of what we had learned the day before. Mr. Armstrong did not hesitate to let the band know that the progress we made in the rehearsal was unacceptable and that the review process should have taken half of the time it took.

Every marcher on the field is more than talented and competent to march a perfect show, but it is a matter of getting people to focus on performing rather than just going through the motions.

After an infamous Armstrong lecture, the band reconnected to reality and we finally completed “Serenity.”  

We then moved to the stadium and did multiple run-throughs of the show before calling it a day.

Thursday, 9.19.2013

 Due to the abnormal Thursday night football game, we had a morning rehearsal at 7 a.m. We began by forming the Charmer Block and going through the usual halftime proceedings.

We then set up “Movement 2” and “3” to rep and review certain chunks of the show. The eighth graders from Finley Junior High would be joining us at the game to do the Indian Spell Out during halftime, so we added that to our rehearsal repertoire.

After dismissal, the band hustled back to the Band hall to get ready for school and prepare for the pep rally.


Football Game:

We prepared for inspection at 5:30 p.m. under the heavy clouds and made room for the junior high students, which gave the band over 280 members! We proceeded to the stadium and squeezed both new and old members of the band into our cramped bleachers.

Right as we began to prepare for halftime, the clouds split open with thick sheets of rain. We all scrambled underneath the stadium as the announcers declared that there was a weather delay. We waited for about 45 minutes until the game was finally cancelled and the band was free to go home.

Friday, 9.20.2013

Since we lost two and a half hours of rehearsal due to the Thursday game, we made up for it on Friday after school. The dark rain clouds lurked over us and we were forced to stay inside to work on music.

Brass, woodwinds, and percussion all split up into designated sections of the school to work on various musical selections in the show.

At 5:45 we migrated to the Fine Arts Center to work as a full ensemble on the show before we concluded a very long and hectic week of marching band.