Local Tejano conjunto band, Baraja de Oro, is asking its fans to hit the polls for the second annual Tejano Globe Awards on Oct. 18 in Houston, Texas.

Baraja de Oro is in the running for two awards, Best Tejano/Conjunto Band of the Year, with female vocalist Betty Barajas nominated for Best Female Artist of the Year. The group includes local musicians Mario and Betty Barajas, Chris Rivera, Jonathan Ramos and Sexton Felan.

Voting for awards in each category of the Tejano Globe Awards is open online at www.tejanoglobeawards.com. The band is putting its fate in the hands of their devoted fans, who will determine if the band wins the awards.

“Waxahachie is my hometown and the people have been there for me since day one,” Mario said.

This is the third time Bajara de Oro has been nominated for a Tejano music award. In 2011 and 2012, Baraja de Oro ran in the Best New Group category at the Texas Talent Music Awards' Tejano Music Awards. The band came very close to winning both years with the decision coming down between them and another group.

“We’ve gotten very close, to the 'and the winner is...' with the award between us and another band,” Betty said. “It’s been that close a couple of times.”

In 2011, Betty won Best new Female of the Year at the Tejano Music Awards, an accomplishment she attributed to the entire band.

Mario and Betty said Baraja de Oro's fans are very dedicated to the band, which they realize and love about their fans.

“Our fans are number one, they’re the best ever,” Betty said. “We’ve struggled a lot, be we have had them behind us the from the get go. They’ve pushed us to keep going.”

This year Baraja de Oro has another shot in a different awards show – the Tejano Globe Awards, which strives to promote Tejano music and establish Tejano music as a recognized genre throughout the U.S.

Baraja de Oro performed at the Madison Hall and Bar in Ennis on Friday. To get updates on where the band will be performing next, visit www.facebook.com/ElConjuntoBarajaDeOroIIi.