To the Editor,

Early in the history of the United States in the drafting of the Constitution, our forefathers were divided on many matters including national permanence. Jefferson and Franklin with others had seen the turmoil of the French, perhaps viewing it as a demonstration of freedom, where the French reformatted their government with purifying revolutions.

George Washington would have none of that for the price that had already been paid to coax the new nation in a gradual maturation toward stability. Surely there were to be changes, but he saw specifically that even mere contemplations of succession and nullification might lead to a destruction of the Union.

Washington won the discussion transmitted as a stern definition of the high crime of treason placed in the Constitution. Today we have numerous ways of being sure that evil words and activities have actually taken place by identifiable citizens but originally without IDís as we know them that could be difficult. Acts or treason can be punished by death so be careful in accusation of it.

As General George Washington delivered the country from foreign tyranny, so did General Sam Houston lead Texas to recognition as a nation in 1836.† Sam became a President of Texas, and after leading it to statehood, Governor of Texas, then later as a U.S. Senator from Texas. After Texas joined the Union in 1845, the U.S. finally settled the matter with a war with Mexico.

As the Civil War loomed, Houston was removed as Senator as he fought against the division or the Union. Texas committed the treason of succession and a war against its benefactor. Unfortunately Houston died in 1862 as a broken man experiencing twists of the self-sealed fate Texas had bought itself.

Texas was last last to be granted limited state authority in the renewed Union because of diehards; some were killed in the process under a military governor while others made new pledges to the U.S. ... Imagine that!

Before the defeated Texas could rejoin the Union, it had needed to undo succession and adopt certain new Constitutional Amendments and guarantee recognition of basic federal civil rights for its citizens.

Reconstruction was necessary and the lessons are ready to be learned again as necessary to answer stupid debacles. Washington and Houston were both correct as sages about the necessity of national unity.

Theodore Roosevelt later spoke of the Union as Indivisible and Perpetual as he fought abuses by powerful interests causing his initials to stand for one important activity, Trust Buster when the rich tried to subjugate the country. (As he also championed the environment, we can reflect on what he might have done to the Koch Brothers. As with other criminals, infractions can be complex but Roosevelt reminds us that success does not necessarily prove correctness. Our freedoms are sometimes difficult to maintain but worth the effort.)

Well folks, the idiots are at it again, fighting George Washington, Sam Houston, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and others ... even me.

Itís our nation if we can keep it. We still must work to perfect our nation. Fight governmental and organized abuse at all levels that might threaten our benign rights and oppose all malicious power grabbing schemes whatever the source.

Forget not the past or repeat it. Forbid such inhuman practices such as torture and other inhumanities. Be FOR our balanced national interests and AGAINST violations of reasonable international law as the more civilized in our world do indeed seek freedom, fairness, justice, and peace. The destroyers would deny your rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. What do you stand for? Treachery is no joke and war is hell. Be enlightened.

Bill Shaw,