To the Editor,

As a longtime resident of, and a contributor to our community, I was appalled when I heard that the unmarked clothing boxes popping up around town in no way benefit Waxahachie.

By omission of information, the foreign company that placed these boxes have deceived the public into believing they are donating to local charitable organizations. The truth is the items donated to those boxes are shipped overseas.

I believe in giving to all in need, but also believe that charity begins at home. The very fact that these boxes give no indication of their purpose or intent seems to me an act of deception especially when there are so many places in Waxahachie that open their doors and their hearts to serve the people here.

A list of charitable organizations in Waxahachie is readily obtainable. All of them need your support and donations to stay in business and benefit the people in our community.

Please donate locally.

Pat Pratt,