To the Editor,

Yesterday, a tragedy struck in our nationís capital. A deranged individual went into the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters and opened fire onto innocent Navy and civilian personnel ó killing 12 and wounding several others. Immediately we heard the debate over gun control roaring from every radio and television newscast. Those who wish to deny us our second amendment right to bear arms are clamoring for stricter gun control laws ... some even for gun confiscation. On the other side, those of us who see the wisdom in our founders adding that second amendment to our Constitution are pushing back in the other direction, arguing that if law abiding citizens were allowed to be armed, these tragedies could, if not be prevented, at least be minimized.

Those who know me, who have sat in the Constitution course that I teach and who have read my essays on our Constitution and our liberties, know that I am an unabashed supporter of our right to bear arms. The foundation of a free citizenry is an armed citizenry. I support concealed carry and open carry. I believe that much of the crime committed, not in just these mass shootings, but in the everyday mayhem perpetrated by criminals with weapons would be reduced if our constitutionally-guaranteed right to be armed was not being infringed upon by the government.

We grieve today with those who have lost their loved ones; those husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, who went to work yesterday, with the aim of providing for their families, only to have the morning departure from their homes be their final farewell.

May Godís grace rest upon those families and upon our United States.

Frank Kuchar,

GOP Congressional candidate

Arlington, Texas