Waxahachie ISD Interim Superintendent David Truitt announced the launching of the newly implemented Teen School Board.  

The Teen School Board consists of 10 students who represent each of the secondary campuses in Waxahachie ISD – Finley Junior High, Howard Junior High, WNGA/WHS, Global High and the High School of Choice.   

This past August, one boy and one girl from each secondary campus were nominated by their principal to serve on the board.

The student members are: Abby McFarland and Juan Casas (Finley Junior High); Callie Morgan and Caleb High (Howard Junior High); Lexus Lamb and Cody Beasley (High School of Choice); Joe Cloud and Rebekkah Jones (Global High); and, Maria Ramirez and Chase Barksdale (Waxahachie Ninth Grade Academy/Waxahachie High School).   

These students will represent the interests of more than 7,800 WISD students and provide input to the superintendent on how better to serve the students of Waxahachie ISD.  

Students will meet monthly with Truitt to discuss issues and ideas and collaborate on ways to improve student services and programs, both inside and outside of the classroom.   

Students will also have the opportunity to exercise leadership skills while working with district administrators and will also serve as mediators between their peers and top administration.  

“I am of the firm belief that students know more about what is going on both inside and outside of the classroom and what can be done to improve academic programs than we give them credit for,” said David Truitt, Waxahachie ISD Interim Superintendent.   “The opinions and ideas of students are to be valued; and, most importantly, as educators we should listen to the students - our customers.  Waxahachie ISD is resolved to be known as district that prepares its students for the 21st century.  Who better to tell us what they need than the students themselves?”  

Community members wishing to obtain more information on the Teen School Board are encouraged to contact Dr. Nicole Mansell, WISD Director of Public Relations, at 972-923-4631 or nmansell@wisd.org