Did you know that almost 10 percent of the population in Ellis County lives at or below the poverty level? 

Did you know 33 percent of the youth in grades seven through 12 admit using alcohol within the last month?  

Did you know that 38 percent of Ellis County residents are not covered by private health insurance?  

Well, what are we going to do about it?

United Way of West Ellis County is doing something about it. This year they will award $337,000 in grants to local nonprofit organizations benefitting nearly 40,000 individuals.

These individuals include those described in the first paragraph and many more. In fact, 20 percent of the county’s residents have received aid directly or indirectly.

The United Way of West Ellis County serves about 30 agencies including American Red Cross, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Boy Scouts, Daniel’s Den, Ellis County 4-H, Hope Clinic, Meals on Wheels, Gingerbread House, Waxahachie CARE as well as many more. 

They cover the complete range of services needed to help the less fortunate or those faced with an emergency.

Executive Director Casey Ballard said that, in selecting agencies to receive help, three building blocks are considered. 

They are education, financial stability and healthcare. 

If a person has or can be helped to develop all of these he or she will be on the way to a secure future. 

An educated workforce attracts a better class of jobs. 

Financial stability can be developed over time with assistance and counseling. 

Healthcare focuses on agencies that prevent rather than cure medical problems. All of these improve the quality of life and the community itself.

United Way has announced a new community-wide volunteer initiative, “Get Connected,” a web-based tool to connect volunteers with projects, programs and agencies that really need the help. 

To sign up or for more information visit the website, www.westelliscounyuw.org and click “Get Connected”.

Individuals may also donate through the website and companies wishing to have United Way visit their facilities may also find information there or call 972-723-3280.

For more information about the Rotary Club of Waxahachie where we believe in Service above Self and doing things as a club we cannot do alone, visit the club website www.waxahachierotary.org . 

Flag subscription application can be found there.