To the Editor,

I was talking to Joe Barton the other day and asked why donít we enforce or even stiffen the laws preventing the knowingly hiring of illegal immigrants by business owners ? He responded that it isnít the job of the business owners to determine a persons legal citizenship status. The difference between the person breaking the law by illegally crossing the border and the one that breaks the law by knowingly hiring them then? Campaign dollars?

Letís see. A business can legally demand to know where you live, where you lived before, your Social Security number,† your driverís license number, your spouseís name, your former bossí name,† that you provide bodily fluids for analysis and take a lie detector test. But no laws saying they have to E-verify?

If we spent the same money on the source of illegal immigration as we do on the effects, then maybe we can control it at an acceptable level. What we are doing now is spending billions of tax dollars on senseless fencing, inadequate border control and insane laws directed at the illegal immigrant that in turn negatively affects the very Americans that they were designed to protect. This is doing nothing more than putting more money into the pockets of those breaking the law and taking tax dollars out the pockets out those who do. Tossing legal babies over the fence so their illegal parents will follow will do nothing. Cutting funding to social programs will not put the illegal immigrants on the bus heading back across the border.

We have the technology to provide an effective system for employers to use to determine a legal citizenship. We have the ability to strengthen our verification process. We just donít have the political stones to fund itís expansion or improvement. We just donít have a real want to secure our countryís borders. Just a real want to help keep things as they are.

Time to get serious, kids. Putting bandages on a compound fracture is not going to heal it. Treat the source, not the symptoms.

Alan Fox,