To the Editor,

Well, boys and girls, we never in our wildest imagination ever thought we would be standing here right on the very brink of what could turn out to be world war three — or worse, the battle of Armageddon.

Why are you snickering? Could it be you really do not believe the Word of God? Remember, God shall not be mocked. So you best be careful what your thoughts and your speech is. Do you know, or care what kind of leader we have? We have a leader that told us all what he intended to do to us and the people elected him anyway. Ever heard anything so dumb? Well, you may say, what did he say? He started out, in case you missed it, by telling us how much his wife hated America. Then he said “change” was about to overwhelm the American people. He went on to say he would disarm this country. Have you wondered why he shut the Canadian pipeline down? Why did he say, “Oh, they can mine coal, but I will tax them so much they will not be able to afford it.” He has stripped our military down to nearly nothing. He is on record as saying the United states of America has worked a terrible injustice on the Muslim world. Remember when he said should the political winds change, I will stand with the Muslim people. We do not have the will, or the might to fight another war. Which is EXACTLY where we have put ourselves. It is never too late to call on almighty God, and fall on our knees, and repent. Remember a week or so back when somebody said he has to strike Syria to save face? With all due respect, sir, perhaps this may be a good time to pay just a tad of attention to the other end.

David Nance,