WASHINGTON, D.C.  – U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) announced on the Senate floor Wednesday that he could not support the President’s poorly conceived plan for military action in Syria.

“My view is that a U.S. attack that allowed Assad to remain in power with one of the world’s largest stockpiles of chemical weapons would not promote U.S. national security interests.

“[President Obama’s] failed to make the case that a short, limited military campaign would promote our vital interests and our national security.

“He’s failed to lay out clear and realistic objectives that could be attained through the use of that military force.

“And he’s failed to offer a compelling description of how his proposed intervention would advance America’s broader foreign policy strategy - indeed, how it would advance his own policy of regime change.

“Therefore, if we were asked to vote on an authorization under these circumstances, I would vote ‘no.’

“I admit, American credibility in matters of war and peace and national security are very, very important. But America’s credibility on the world stage is about more than just presidential rhetoric. It’s about defining clear objectives and establishing a coherent strategy for achieving them.

“In the case of Syria, President Obama has not offered a clear strategy or clearly laid out his objectives.

“I have every confidence that, if called upon to act, our men and women in uniform will do just that — they will perform their duties with the utmost skill, bravery, and professionalism.

“But we should never send them to war tying one hand behind their back and ask them to wage limited war against a dictator for whom, as I said earlier, this is total war; this is win or die.

“Military force is like a hammer, and you can’t thread the needle that President Obama wants to thread with a hammer.

“I cannot support an operation that is so poorly conceived, so foolishly telegraphed, and virtually guaranteed to fail.”


Senator Cornyn serves on the Finance and Judiciary Committees.  He serves as the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee’s Immigration, Refugees and Border Security subcommittee. He served previously as Texas Attorney General, Texas Supreme Court Justice, and Bexar County District Judge.