To the Editor,

My message for the big government republicans and especially to career politician Joe Barton is to just say “NO” to the president on the Syria issue and to concentrate on the problems here at home. Now is the time to address the issue involving the out of control spending of the federal government. Of immediate concern is the crushing debt the so-called ObamaCare will impose on taxpayers. There are credible plans in both the House and the Senate to fund the government except the portion that continues the President’s plan. Even he acknowledges it is not ready for prime time, with his (unconstitutional) waivers of certain friends and allies.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Congressman Tom Graves of Georgia have introduced bills to be attached to the upcoming continuing resolution (CR) needed to continue to fund the bloated government after Sept. 30. The teeth in this action is attached to enough House and Senate members signing an affirmation letter being circulated in the respective chambers by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC). These letters commit the signers to refuse to vote for a CR that does not defund ObamaCare. Joe Barton and Ted Cruz are signatories, but John Cornyn has with drawn his support from the challenge.

The next red line battle is the $17,000,000,000,000 debt imposed on the unborn. The debt ceiling has been reached and the Treasury Department has been playing with the books in order to continue paying the legitimate debts of the government. The Obama administration has added over $7 trillion in just 5 years. This is unacceptable.

The debt ceiling is a crisis of national security; the bloated federal budget, including funding ObamaCare is disaster of national security, but the president has not made a credible argument that the civil war amongst several sets of bad actors in Syria is in our national interest.

We deserve better; we can do better.

Bill Carson

Ellis County Tea Party,