To the Editor,

I am responding to an article on the front page of the Daily Light published Aug. 20 entitled “Sip N Stroll.” After reading the coverage of the trial of Dylan Richards for intoxication manslaughter of police officer Josh Williams I think this wine sipping stroll should be cancelled. It seems to me the Downtown Merchants Association could find some other way to get people into the downtown besides conducting an event like this. If they can’t, then they should hang it up and close shop.

The only good that comes from alcohol consumption is to those who make it. Wine is 12 percent alcohol. If a stroller gets wine from nine tasting stations (according to the article) and especially if he is unaccustomed to drinking alcohol, by the time he gets to number nine, he will be drunk as a skunk. And who is going to see that he gets home safely? Who is going to clean up the mess that is made? Who is going to clean up the vomit? Will there be another life lost caused by a wreck by a drunk wino?

It is a known fact that there are those whose body chemistry is very, very susceptible to alcohol and it takes only a small amount to send them over the edge. The scary thing is most do not know this about themselves until they are stoned.

The only way to not become an alcoholic is to never mess with it. Alcohol has damaged and ruined more lives than just about anything else. The case of Dylan Richards is a classic example of this. He leaves a wife and three small children to spend at least 27 years in jail, not to mention the lives he has impacted of officer Williams. All of this the results of uncontrolled use of alcohol. I have personally known lawyers, doctors, Realtors and many others whose lives have been ruined by alcohol. Broken families, suicides, ruined professions … you name it. One of my best friends got involved with alcohol as a teenager and ended up losing his wife, two sons, his profession and living on the streets of Austin, Texas as a result of his use of alcohol. For Waxahachie to sponsor this type activity is unconscionable. It should not take place.

Every preacher in town should march on city hall and demand this entire activity be cancelled.

James S. Wilkins,