To the Editor,

I cannot believe how crazy this world has become, can you? Still believe he is your “baby?” ( Oh, lord help us all).  Have you heard about the preacher in Arizona that was arrested, put in jail, locked up for two months, got three years probation and was fined over $12,000? All because he did not get government permission.Anybody out there still thinks he is a Christian? (I am not talking about the preacher). How ‘bout this: According to the news, Assad did NOT kill his own people. It came out yesterday, I believe, that Al qaida did it in order to blackmail Assad. And, ready for this? It was done with the full knowledge of the United States of America. But, we have heard the Democrats say he has to bomb Syria to save face. I guess so. Think how funny he would look playing golf without one. Oh me, did you ever wish we had the “good old days” back? Did you know when I was a boy we had everything except money? And now, we have money (well somebody has it) but not a lick of sense (common or otherwise). And, that is all we have. Be careful how you vote; you just may get what you want.

David Nance,