To the Editor,

Wags-a-hachie Dog Park will hold itís official grand opening Saturday, Sept. 14 at 10 a.m. THANKS to everyone who pitched in and helped make this happen!

A little over a year ago, I approached Anita Williamson and John Smith about the idea of a dog park for Waxahachie. My husband and I have lived downtown since 1995 and we frequent dog parks in Dallas and as we travel across the country. From visiting various dog parks I realized that it is a progressive city which has a dog park. Once built, the maintance costs are low and the benefits to the community through responsible pet ownership and as a gathering place are huge..

When I first spoke with Anita, John and the parks board I agreed to do what it took to reach out to the community, find the folks interested, and raise the needed funds to build the park.† I figured if I wanted it, I should be willing to work for it. John, Anita, the parks board and everyone who pitched at an event, time, or by donation made it happen and that within a community is a beautiful thing!

Iíve lived in Waxahachie since 1987 and always loved it here, but I have a new appreciation for my town and the people who make up the town. Whether you are a pet owner or not, a dog park is an additional amenity to Waxahachie and a positive one.

I urge you to be involved in Waxahchie. If there is something positive you see as a need in Waxahachie, then get out there and make it happen. You will be a better person for it and your community a better place!

Thanks so much for everyone who helped me out to make Wags-a-hachie possible! I really appreciate it and so does my dog Dexter!

Julie Webb,