To the Editor,

Our community once again finds itself facing the imperative decision of finding a new superintendent of schools. In my opinion, this position is of the upmost importance, since the person who attains it will be making decisions that directly affect the well being and education of our children … our future.  

I don’t know how many of you are acquainted with our current “Interim Superintendent,” Mr. David Truitt, but if you have not had the privilege to meet him in person then this letter is for you. I felt it was very important for the community as a whole to truly know what kind of person Mr. Truitt is.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Mr. Truitt for the past six years at the WISD Administration Building, so I’ve had plenty of interaction with him. I can tell you, in all honestly, that there is not a better candidate for superintendent than Mr. Truitt. He is a man of integrity, always striving to do his very best, not for himself but for the children of Waxahachie ISD.  

Mr. Truitt has a very strong sense of ethics and values. He instills dedication and commitment, showing by example just what those qualities mean.  He leads with intelligence and wit, determination and strength. I have seen Mr. Truitt on many occasions stop what he was doing in order to introduce himself to a parent, chat with a student or go visit a school campus.  

Mr. Truitt is so dedicated to this district that he works well into the evening, sending emails and reminders to staff members about important dates and trainings, always ending with a positive note about how much he appreciates them and reminding them to be a “hero” to their students.

Even with all the wonderful qualities I’ve mentioned, there’s one missing that’s the most important of all – a heart for children. I am one hundred percent convinced that you will not find a man with more heart for children than David Truitt. A great example of this is the video he coordinated along with Dr. Nicole Mansell, for our District Convocation this year. It’s on YouTube and you can search it by typing “who will be my hero by Waxahachie ISD.” This video was made using kids from our own schools and it shows the true heart of Mr. Truitt.  

While I understand it might be politically correct to conduct a superintendent search with regards to this position, I know a better candidate won’t be found. It is my hope that those of you reading this letter will feel the confidence I have and many others have in our own hearts that Mr. David Truitt would be the very best candidate for the position of Superintendent of Schools for Waxahachie ISD. We even created a little slogan for him, David Truitt … a heart to do it!

If you want a man with heart to lead your children, then please support Mr. David Truitt for superintendent!

Lori A. Bartlett,