EDITOR’S NOTE: Sara Rundgren is a senior member of the nationally-recognized Spirit of Waxahachie Indian Band. Playing flute, she is chronicling the marching band during the 2013 season in their bid to return to the Texas UIL State Marching Band Competition.

Tuesday, 9.3.2013

During all of the band classes today, we watched the video of our halftime performance from Friday night. It was a huge eye-opener for us to see the band from the top of the stadium, allowing us to watch from future contest judges’ point of view.

Now that we are aware of what each picture should look like, it will be easier to adjust and march drill with fewer errors.

At 5:30 p.m., we inhabit the field and go straight into the show, skipping our fundamental routine. Our focus for today was to fix spacing issues and maintain pictures.

We started at the beginning of “Movement 3” and added more drill, taking us all the way to the last phrase of “The Ogre.” We are even incorporating choreography into our show, which is a huge achievement at this stage of the game.

We move into the stadium and end rehearsal with a run of the show before we go our separate ways.

 Thursday, 9.5.2013

When Mr. Armstrong ends practice by saying, “This was one of the best Thursday night rehearsals this band has ever had,” you know you did some pretty awesome things.

For starters, we completed “Movement 3,” which means we know 60 percent of the marching show. Compared to years in the past, we have come such a long way in such a short time.

We implemented a few different rehearsal procedures today. Usually, our rehearsals consist of a myriad of mini-water breaks. But to eliminate this disruption, we took longer and fewer rests. This kept the band concentrated on our goal of finishing “The Ogre.”  

We also began something new called Section Summary Time. Every hour, each section would huddle up and discuss what they thought needed to be fixed in the drill and suggest resolutions. This collaboration time gave everyone a feeling that their ideas were heard and important.

Mr. Armstrong’s theme of the week is that your teachers do not teach you; they present you with information. It is the student’s responsibility to learn that information and apply it to life.

With that in mind, it was obvious that the band put extra effort into training their brains to accept the data given to them and store it away in their memory drives.

We ended rehearsal with the 8th graders from Howard and Finley junior highs to practice the Indian Spell-Out. This intermingling of students forms an impression with the younger kids that band is a great place to be and exposes them to the success that is encompassed with the Spirit of Waxahachie Indian Band.

Friday, 9.6.2013

We began rehearsal by setting up the beginning of “Movement 3” and playing some musical warm ups in our spots. We then took “The Ogre” in chunks; first playing the music and then adding the marching.

After numerous repetitions of the new addition to the show, we closed rehearsal with a run through of the first three movements of “Mystic Hollow.”

Overall, a very successful week!