September is here, we are at summer’s end and the schools are bustling with children and activities.  

What does that mean for The FarmGirls?  

It means that the DFW Truck Farm is in full swing again. We are ramping up the vegetable/herb garden in the back of our 1993 Maroon Chevrolet truck for another great vegetable gardening education school year.

The DFW Truck Farm travels to schools and provide a hands on gardening experience for the school children.  

We coordinate with teachers and provide activities that best suit their age groups and their education needs. Some schools have us come for one visit and we are pleased to provide that service.  

We prefer an on-going partnership with the schools. While a single visit may provide children the opportunity to see where their food comes from and offer the opportunity for children to actually pick, touch or smell the vegetable off the back of the truck garden.  

We are thrilled to book extended visits so children can plant something in the garden and when we return they can observe the growth. With extended visits we offer opportunities to meet other farmers such as our friend David Phillips, a worm rancher who brings live worms to the school and discusses the role of the worm in the garden.  

We also include cooking from the garden which has included minted watermelon salad, leafy green salads, basil pesto and vegetable dip made from freshly picked herbs.  

The possibilities of education from the garden are abundant including language skills, math, science and more.

We use Dripping Springs Olla pots in the garden.  This is a two gallon red clay urn with a lid buried in the soil. We keep the olla pot filled with water.  It seeps the water slowly into a four foot area, keeping the root zones of the plants watered.  

Traveling down the highways has proven abusive to the plant material.  We cover the garden with frost cloth. This is a fabric that breaths, but protects from the wind. Using the frost cloth and the olla pots have proven to keep the garden in check.  

The DFW Truck Farm is planted with a roof top style of gardening. Holes have been drilled in the bed of the truck. A roof top barrier has been placed in the bed of the truck. This barrier has little diamond shaped cups formed that catch water and the soil includes vermiculite that wicks the water that is caught on the roof barrier back into the garden.  

Using these methods also offer education opportunities for sustainable living.

The DFW Truck Farm is the 25th truck farm in the United States.  

This truck farm is currently the only one in Texas. This program started in Brooklyn, N.Y. when Ian Chaney, a grad student at Yale, needed a place to grow a garden.  

He inherited an old Dodge truck and planted a garden in the bed of it and soon became a popular sighting in New York City streets.

Donelle is the National Coordinator for Truck Farm and  there is a fun documentary available called “Truck Farm” that explains how and why it all began.

We have retired our original truck farm to The Discovery Garden, Fair Park in Dallas.  

So when you are visiting the State Fair of Texas take a break from the crowds and visit the Butterfly House and the beautiful butterfly gardens.  

Stroll to the back of the gardens to see our old dodge truck with a vegetable garden planted in the bed of the truck.  

This truck is one of our ultimate recycling gigs!  As always, tune in to hear The FarmGirls Organic Gardening Radio Show every Friday at 1 p.m. on KAAM 770 and like us on Facebook: Garden Inspirations from our garden gate to yours…

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