There are pros and cons to losing before a bye week.

On the negative side, you’ve got to sit and stew a whole two weeks before you can step on the field again. And the Indians will be stewing hard after it’s second straight five-touchdown loss to the Midlothian Panthers.

On the positive side, you’ve gotten a chance to see your weaknesses in the first game and now have time to go over those mistakes and correct them before playing your next opponent.

Waxahachie must wait a week before facing West Mesquite in its first road game of the year. But before the Wranglers get in the way, the Indians must get themselves out of their own way.

The Indians did show some flashes of talent last week against Midlothian, but it wasn’t enough to keep them from getting blown out.

The biggest one was the play of sophomore running back Trevon Smith. He rushed for more than 100 yards and a touchdown during his first varsity start.

“We physically got whipped up front and we didn’t make any holes for him,” Waxahachie head coach David Ream said. “He had to break some tackles in the backfield and he did a good job, but it wasn’t a good night for us.”

The defensive line also played well in certain situations, especially youngsters Lee Wheaton, Randon Haynes and Timothy Crownover.

“They showed signs that they could do it. We just have to get it on a consistent level and prove we can do it,” Ream said. “Lee did a good job and so did our other defensive line guys, they just have to prove they can be consistent.”

That’s something the team will get to go over a lot with the guys this week, consistency. They now have the time to run drill after drill  until these young players get a better grasp of what their doing and can repeat the good things.

While the defensive line and running back were bright spots, the quarterback play was a little rough. It was the first start for Avery Jackson and he filled in on short notice for injured sophomore Max McCulloch. He did get in the game on two drives, but the coach didn’t want to push him too much.

“He’s still limping around a little bit. These two weeks before our next game will help him,” Ream said about McCulloch. “I thought Avery did a good job. He made a few mistakes, but not more than anybody else in the first ball game.”

McCulloch completed one of his three passes for 13 yards and he scrambled once for six yards before being removed.

Jackson completed six of his 15 pass attempts for 84 yards. The bulk of those yards came on one 39-yard completion to Elijah Brown, who had to leap higher than a pair of Midlothian defenders to come down with the ball. Selwyn Robins, another junior signal caller, completed both of his pass attempts for 36 yards.

So while it may seem early in the year and most teams would rather have their bye week later in the year to help shape up for the postseason, this week without a game could be coming at the perfect time for the Indians as they look to improve.