The new Lighthouse for Learning classes are set to begin Sept. 23, with classes ranging from social media to web design and iPhone basics to real hometown heroes.

Those interested in learning about the historical figures of Waxahachie and the impact they have had on the community, this is the class for you.

Real Hometown Heroes

Longtime resident of Waxahachie and owner of Glenn's Warehouse Carpets David Smith said to tie in with Waxahachie school district's theme Waxahachie Heroes, he will provide information about such people as Nicholas P. Sims, Stuart B. Lumpkins, Paul Richards and others who have left their mark on this community.

“I've done various courses throughout the years on topics about Ellis County and Waxahachie,” Smith said. “I thought this topic was very relevant as it related to the school district's theme.”

Smith said he wanted to bring to mind the people who have spent years serving the district, and the impact that still remains because of their lives.

After reading a statement that educator Robbie Howard made before her passing in 2012, Smith said that was all he needed to spur on his efforts of educating the community concerning these heroes.

“I read a statement by Mrs. Howard that has left a lasting impact on me,” he said. “Her statement sums up everything that I would like to accomplish in my life.”

Howard said, “When my time is up and I stand before my Maker, I'd like to be able to say, 'God, I don't have one ounce of talent, love, compassion or energy left, I used every bit you gave me.'”

“That tells you the character of the people that have impacted our schools,” he said.

Smith added local heroes don't just encompass those who have gone on before us, he said this class will also be used to honor the firefighters, first responders, and law enforcement officers that are serving the community right now.

“I want to highlight everyone who has spent years serving the district,” he said. “That includes all first responders and law enforcement officers. It also includes the veterans who's names are on the memorial at the Waxahachie Civic Center.”

Smith said as a historian he believes it's important for people to understand the history of who they are and where they are.

The real hometown heroes course will be from 6-7:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 30 and will cost $10 per student.

Web Design

Cameron Hawkins is the director of media and technology at First Baptist Church Waxahachie. He will be teaching two courses this month about web design. The first, web design basics will go from 6-7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 23-Oct. 28. It will consists of five classes and cost $38 per student.

Hawkins said students can expect to learn the basics of setting up, building and maintaining their own website.

“The goal of this class is for students to be able to create their own functional website by the completion of the course,” Hawkins said.

He added that the web has become a tool that everyone relies on, and it's important for people to know how to navigate it.

“We all rely on the web,” Hawkins said. “If you get behind on the technological advances such as the web, then you won't be able to take advantage of everything it has to offer.”

He said, other than that, knowing your way around the web is a good skill to have.

“Students will learn hypertex markup language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS) and basic web design tips and tricks,” Hawkins said.

He encourages all students participating in the course to bring their own USB thumb drive, which should be at least 1GB of storage.

The advanced web design class is also scheduled to begin from 7-8 p.m. Monday, Sept. 23-Oct. 28, and consists of five classes at a cost of $38 per student. In the advanced class, Hawkins said students will dive more into topics concerning web development. This includes CSS, advanced layouts, design elements, hypertext preprocessor (PHP), javascript and more.

“Students will need to have previous experience in web design with knowledge of HTML and some CSS,” he said. “Those who have taken the beginner class and felt comfortable with the concepts taught there will be able to keep in this class.”

Students in this class will also need a 1GB USB drive.

iPhone Basics

Patrick Reid is a Pre AP and AP Biology teacher at the Waxahachie Ninth Grade Academy, but he has a knack for iPhones and iPads and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge with students in the Lighthouse for Learning course. The iPhone basics class will take place from 6-8 p.m. Monday, Sept. 23 at a cost of $15 per student.

“There are certain basics you need to learn with any device,” Reid said. “This class is going to teach people how to navigate and utilize their iPhone to make their lives a lot easier, more productive and more informative.”

He said students will see demonstrations on ways they can save time and keep them organized as well as entertained.

“This class is for true beginners,” he said. “You will see your iPhone in a whole new way.”

Even if you don't own an iPhone, Reid said those considering an iPhone are welcome to attend.

Lighthouse for Learning courses are also available online. For more information about the classes contact Melissa Cobb at 972-923-4631 or email For a complete catalog and/or to register visit

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