Contractors begin work on the median project on US Highway 77 Tuesday night as equipment prepares the center of the highway. The TxDOT project is designed to improve safety along US Highway 77 and will involve constructing a raised median from Overhill Drive to just south of YMCA Drive. Traffic signals will also be upgraded at Kirksey, Northgate Shopping Center, Indian Drive and Northgate Drive. The upgraded signals will have the new flashing yellow arrow left-turn light replacing the circular steady-burn green light indicating itís safe to turn left when oncoming traffic has passed. The third part of the project will be to modify the outside median along northbound US Highway 77 at US Highway 287 widening the travel lane in front of Walmart to the entrance of the Target shopping center. This project was requested by the city of Waxahachie after a traffic study concluded that installing the raised median and removing the existing center-median would improve operation and safety along the corridor. Work requiring lane closures will be performed at night, between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. the next morning. The work is estimated to be complete in January 2014.