To the Editor,

The directions to a new toy, or anything else to be assembled, comes in handy before spare parts are all over the living room floor. Some of us have “been there, done that,” when it comes to presuming that we could get a project done without reading the directions first.

That seems to be the way we are doing with the great abiding governing principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Personally, I am of the opinion that the esteemed founders in Philadelphia were fully aware of the likelihood of changing times, changing circumstances, etc., which anti-constitutionalists constantly use to rationalize abusing the people with dictums from courts that are mere inventions of the minds of judges and justices! That is why the framers gave to the people of the United States a legal process whereby to amend this great document, not by landing on a judge who has a personal agenda, but by doing the hard work of convincing fellow citizens to vote for amendments that adjust the law in an honorable manner to the newfound political tastes of the people.

When all else fails, as they say, it is time to go back to the directions.

Even in the best case scenario, if we choose elected representatives at all levels of government who sincerely respect the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, it will still not be easy to do the right thing for our grandchildren, and restore government to its legal boundaries.

We all know this. But, to simply surrender the future to those who despise tried and true moral principles, and despise the foundations of true liberty, would be a crime! Even if we lose this fight for the future, to reverse decadence and invite a new era of decency, there is too much at stake to wave a white flag now! Many decent people are discouraged because solid and substantial efforts to move the nation in a positive direction are often hindered and undermined by those who worship their own  egos and could care less about the Constitution. But, that is no excuse to give up.

Failure to support the persons one most believes are sincerely respectful of constitutional principles, in both the primaries and the general elections, is something that people of goodwill must regard as choosing life over death for our posterity! Too much is at stake to be weenies! Our kids and their kids and their kids are too high of a price to quit caring about liberty.

Paul Richard Strange Sr.,