Today we share BBQ and the company of our family and friends, and bring in the end of the summer. (Even if the Texas heat doesn’t make it feel that way!)

Today is also a time to reflect on the sacred role of labor, and celebrate all who work so hard to support our families and communities.  

We are a party that sticks up for those who labor to make Texas better — the people who put in a hard day’s work to teach our children, fix our roads, and ensure the safety of our communities.

Democrats have stood with organized labor in the fight for fair workplace opportunities and conditions — for a 40-hour work week, for a weekend for all workers, and for equal pay for equal work.

Earlier this year, President Obama made a call in his State of the Union speech to raise the minimum wage. We stand by our brothers and sisters who work in the fast food industry and other industries across the country fighting for a living wage.

Last week we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech. We are reminded of the progress made towards a more equatable society for all — and how far we still have to go to so that all who reach for it can achieve a piece of the American Dream.

Today we honor the life and work of all who fight to make this a more perfect union — and all who fight to make a better Texas for all.

Working together, we’ve got an even stronger future before us.

Gilberto Hinojosa?


Texas Democratic Party