Texas gubernatorial candidate Tom Pauken made the following statement Monday in recognition of Labor Day:??

“The men and women who make America great are the people who get up every day and take on the tasks required to make our free market economy work.??

“Labor Day began in 1894 as a celebration of the contributions of workers to the economy, and whether you are a teacher, an oilfield worker, a rancher, office worker, or a  person who toils for a living in any other capacity, your contribution is just as valuable today to keeping our social fabric strong.??

“The lessons I learned as Chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission increased my appreciation for the importance of the skilled trades in Texas and the need for more opportunities in career and technical education. ??

“As I focus on education reforms and ending the insider cronyism rampant in Austin, I have the everyday worker and their labors in mind.?

?“And so today I wish everyone a happy Labor Day in appreciation of the contributions of workers and employees to our great state and country.”