The Waxahachie cross country teams started their season Friday night by competing in the Elk Run in Burleson.

The course at Chisenhall Park is nothing new to the Indians and Lady Indians as they’ve started their seasons there the last three years.

What is new to the teams is the head coaches. The Lady Indians are led by Edward De La Cruz, who is also a soccer coach. The Indians are led by Damien Mobley, who is also the new coach of the Runnin’ Indians basketball team.

De La Cruz was pleased overall by his team’s performance and thinks the team is definitely going in the right direction.

“I feel that we’re right where we need to be. Over the next few weeks our times are going to keep coming down,” De La Cruz said. “We’ve started stamina work outs already, we just have to work more on speed. I wanted them to hit their two-mile mark at a certain pace and for the most part they did.”

The girls were led by Tierney Thomison, Caymee Bigham and Ashton Strange. Thomison and Strange were on the varity team last year while Bigham is a newcomer to the team.

The boys were led by Derek Espinoza, Broderick Vien and Paschal Miller. Espinoza ran great last season as a freshman and now he’s got a couple of other runners that are pushing him to continue to get better.

“Three of our varsity boys and three girls are right where I want them to be, the rest are playing catch up,” De La Cruz said. “Once they see the results and start progressing, they can start gaining confidence and will leave a legacy for future runners. We know we’re not going to see results overnight.”

The entire list of Waxahachie individual results is listed below.

As a team, the boys squad finished 11th out of 21 4A schools at the meet. The boys JV team really shined as the Indians took fourth out of 22 schools and Orlandro Andrade took first place in the race by 36 seconds. The JV Indians had six runners in the top 32 spots.

The varsity girls took 15th place among 4A schools. The JV girls took 10th out of 4A schools.

The teams will be back on the course this week when it participates in the Southlake Carroll Invitational in Grapevine on Sept. 7. Before the squads head out there, De La Cruz has some work he wants to do with his team.

“This week we’re going to have speed track work outs and that will help cut down their times,” De La Cruz said. “What we’ve done before is work on their stamina, now it’s about being able to sustain a certain speed they want while running. This is where it really starts to get interesting for the runners.”


Varsity boys 

individual results

Derek Espinoza: 18:09.51

Broderick Vien: 18:28.73

Paschal Miller: 20:03.60

Juan Cordero: 20:32.04

Luis Garduno: 20:38.99

James Sanchez: 21:26.61

Chase Barksdale: 21:47.00


Varsity girls 

individual results

Tierney Thomison: 23:51.64

Caymee Bigham: 24:22.09

Ashton Strange: 24:25.60

Megan Gaither: 26:09.78

Kristen Ortiz: 26:24.59

Juliana Johanson: 27:12.64


JV boys individual results

Orlandro Andrade: 18:43.66

Matthew Perez: 21:21.45

Caleb Coleman: 21:23.55

Miguel Martinez: 21:28.85

Tristan Vien: 21:33.17

Daniel Grimes: 21:34.04

Cameron Moritz: 22:18.75

Jonathon Hults: 22:51.54

Giovanny Fernandez: 22:54.14

Eric Lockhart: 23:04.17

Zach Kiser: 23:12.02

Blake Sauceda: 23:19.61

Coleman Beddingfield: 23:39.66

Alan Velasquez: 23:58.31

Trey Jameson: 26:25.52

Mitchell Beddingfield: 28:24.50

Andrew Green: 32:33.43


JV girls individual results

Jasenda Ferguson: 25:46.16

Kim Rodriguez: 27:05.64

Hailey David: 28:22.81

Makala Manutai: 29:04.98

Eliza Yrlas: 29:35.02

Destiny Owens: 30:50.51

Michelle Fotheringham: 30:57.95

Brianna Julian: 31:27.35

Mikaela Whiterock: 31:36.80

Elizabeth Gish: 31:39.22

Stephanie Gasca: 32:19.27

Millie Atkins: 35:10.68

Olivia Butler: 35:12.82

Lydia Gonzales: 35:12.82