To the Editor,

In my air-conditioned TV room I have watched the movie “Blackhawk Down.” The contents are not the point I would like to make. However, I would like to take a stand concerning America’s involvement in other people’s civil wars.

In my opinion, America needs to stop sending their young men and women to fight in these civil conflicts. It seems as though we are being suckered into these conflicts in an attempt to weaken America’s defense, and cause a loss of young men and women.

I have been around long enough to see World War II and all of our involvements since then. Many young men and women have returned after they had been a part of these conflicts maimed in one way or another and/or mentally affected. It appears to me America’s younger generations in each conflict have been the real losers.

The American government and its people need to say “ENOUGH.” If we want to be of help to the ones that are being mistreated, send things, not people. I know many of you will say “another old man spouting off.” Well, in my opinion if we do not stop involving our country and it’s young people in these senseless encounters we will find ourselves very vulnerable to an attack on America again.

None of the conflicts I’ve been referring to previously were a threat to America, except World War II. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq 1 and 2, Afghanistan and any of the others we were mistakenly a part of that I am not remembering.

“Wake Up America” before it is too late. In my opinion America was not founded by the pilgrims. God picked us to represent Him. We also missed the mark in any attempt made by us to follow God’s leadership.

May God bless each one of you that takes the time to read this letter. I always say “God Bless America,” however, he has already blessed us and we as a country have turned our backs on Him.

Paul Davidson,